CatWalk: Temporal

LSID: http://syli.cz/urn:lsid:public.sylics.com:automatedtest:4G73-274E-D5A6

Materials and Methods
Mice were singly housed on sawdust in standard Makrolon type II cages enriched with cardboard nesting material for at least one week prior to experiments, with water and food ad libitum (7:00/19:00 lights on/off; providing an abrupt phase transition).

Activity in the home cage was automatically recorded by video tracking in specially designed cages (PhenoTyper model 3000, Noldus Information Technology, www.noldus.com/phenotyper). Each cage contains a top unit with built-in hardware for video-tracking, that is, an infrared-sensitive video camera. The latter provide constant and even illumination of the cage. An infrared filter placed in front of the camera prevents interference with room illumination. This method allows continuous behavioural recordings in both dark and light periods. EthoVision was used as video tracking and trial control software. PhenoTyper cages were connected in a specially designed computer network. The cages (L =30 × W =30 × H =35 cm) were made of transparent Perspex walls with an opaque Perspex floor covered with bedding based on cellulose. A feeding station and a water bottle were attached on to two adjacent walls outside of the cage. A shelter (height: 10 cm, diameter: 9 cm; non-transparent material) was fixed in one of the corners. The X-Y coordinates of the centre of gravity of mice were acquired and smoothed using EthoVision software and processed to generate behavioural parameters using AHCODA analysis software (Synaptologics BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, http://www.sylics.com/bioinformatics/ahcodatm-data-analysis/).

Parameter information
Parameter nameUnitsExplanation
FP - Duty cyclePercentage
FP - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
FP - Max contact atPercentage
FP - Max intensity atPercentage
FP - Single stanceTime (s)
FP - StandTime (s)
FP - Step cycleTime (s)
FP - SwingTime (s)
FP - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)
HP - Duty cyclePercentage
HP - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
HP - Max contact atPercentage
HP - Max intensity atPercentage
HP - Single stanceTime (s)
HP - StandTime (s)
HP - Step cycleTime (s)
HP - SwingTime (s)
HP - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)
LF - Duty cyclePercentage
LF - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
LF - Max contact atPercentage
LF - Max intensity atPercentage
LF - Single stanceTime (s)
LF - StandTime (s)
LF - Step cycleTime (s)
LF - SwingTime (s)
LF - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)
LH - Duty cyclePercentage
LH - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
LH - Max contact atPercentage
LH - Max intensity atPercentage
LH - Single stanceTime (s)
LH - StandTime (s)
LH - Step cycleTime (s)
LH - SwingTime (s)
LH - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)
RF - Duty cyclePercentage
RF - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
RF - Max contact atPercentage
RF - Max intensity atPercentage
RF - Single stanceTime (s)
RF - StandTime (s)
RF - Step cycleTime (s)
RF - SwingTime (s)
RF - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)
RH - Duty cyclePercentage
RH - Initial dual stanceTime (s)
RH - Max contact atPercentage
RH - Max intensity atPercentage
RH - Single stanceTime (s)
RH - StandTime (s)
RH - Step cycleTime (s)
RH - SwingTime (s)
RH - Terminal dual stanceTime (s)