External data
External laboratories can receive AHCODA-DB testing protocols (e.g. contained in Ethovision template files) used in the automated home-cages, which specify the testing conditions as well as data export parameters. Sylics deploys private sections (website) of AHCODA-DB only accessible by the respective external laboratory, in which meta data of experiments can be entered (e.g. animal information such as age, gender, genotype). In addition, external laboratories can receive training from Sylics, to make sure all contributing laboratories enter required meta data in the database, and perform the experiments in the same manner.
The data generated by the automated home-cages at external laboratories using these protocols is stored in a private section of AHCODA-DB only accessible by the respective external laboratory. If the external laboratory agrees to publish their data on the public website, Sylics can transfer the data from this private database to the public database.

Data facts
  • The AHCODA-DB currently has 40 publicly available experiment data sets / publications.
  • The total number of mice in the public database is 2,564, grouped in 19 mutant mouse lines and 51 common inbred strains.
  • The data consists of 1,089,027 data points, of which 179,731 are from conventional behavioural tests and 909,296 from automated home-cages.
  • These data points are part of 3,590 parameters from conventional behavioural tests and 946 parameters from automated home-cages.
  • There are 239 graphs with statistics available for conventional behavioural tests and 547 graphs with statistics for automated home-cages.

  • Citation
    When using the AHCODA-DB, please cite us using:
    Koopmans B, Smit AB, Verhage M, Loos M. AHCODA-DB: a data repository with web-based mining tools for the analysis of automated high-content mouse phenomics data. BMC Bioinformatics. BMC Bioinformatics; 2017;18:200.