LSID: http://syli.cz/urn:lsid:public.sylics.com:conventionaltest:6398-2G6E-B7AD

Materials and Methods
Mice were singly housed on sawdust in standard Makrolon type II cages enriched with cardboard nesting material for at least one week prior to experiments, with water and food ad libitum (7:00/19:00 lights on/off; providing an abrupt phase transition).

Associated Mammalian Phenotype Ontologies (MGI)
- MP:0001516 abnormal motor coordination/ balance

Accelerating rotarod
Motor function and motor learning was evaluated using an accelerating rotarod (Roto-rod series 8, IITC Life Science, Woodland Hills, CA, USA). On day one, mice received two habituation trials of 120 s (acceleration of from 0 to 20 rpm in 120 s) followed by 3 training trials (acceleration of from 0 to 40 rpm in 180 s). On day 2, mice received 5 additional training trials. Previous observations indicated that never reach the maximum programmed rpm during habituation and training sessions. The maximum rpm reached in each trial was the dependent measure.

Parameter information
Parameter nameUnits
*RPM reached per trialRPM
Time reached per trialSeconds
Distance moved per trialm
Learning effect on RPM (Day 2-Day 1)RPM
RPM reached - trial 6RPM
RPM reached - first trialRPM
RPM reached - last trialRPM
RPM reached per trial (Day 1)RPM
RPM reached per trial (Day 2)RPM
Time reached - trial 6Time (s)
RPM reached - trial 5RPM
Time reached per trial (Day 1)Seconds
Distance moved per trial (Day 1)m