Balance Beam

LSID: http://syli.cz/urn:lsid:public.sylics.com:conventionaltest:3AD8-G33E-G94E

Materials and Methods
Mice were singly housed on sawdust in standard Makrolon type II cages enriched with cardboard nesting material for at least one week prior to experiments, with water and food ad libitum (7:00/19:00 lights on/off; providing an abrupt phase transition).

Associated Mammalian Phenotype Ontologies (MGI)
- MP:0001516 abnormal motor coordination/ balance

Balance beam
The balance beam test scores the ability of mice to traverse a stationary horizontal rod and measures sensorimotor coordination as assessed by the latency to cross the beam and number of foot slips. Mice were placed at a platform at the start of a wide training beam (100 cm long, 5 cm wide) and allowed to walk along a into an enclosed box. All mice had three training runs and were then given 3 runs on a narrow beam (1 cm wide). An observer scored the latency to traverse the beam (latency), as well as the number of times a paw was placed besides the beam (slips).

Parameter information
Parameter nameUnits
Number of slips by trialNumber of slips
Number of side errors by trialNumber of side errors
Latency by trialSeconds
Number of slips after trainingNumber of slips
Number of side errors after trainingNumber of side errors
Latency after trainingSeconds