Experiment name: MroH1 (Unpublished)
LSID: http://syli.cz/urn:lsid:public.sylics.com:experiment:5EA7-GBBE-GD83

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Treatment info:
Cohort 1, designated Batch 1 on the website:
Born between 14-nov-2013 and 16-nov-2013, from HZ x HZ breedings.
In total 18 WT and 18 HOM mice were selected.

Spontaneous behavior in the PhenoTyper
1 WT and 1 HOM mouse were marked as outside sleeper by the analysis. Data files of 16 WT and 15 HOM data files passed all Quality Control criteria. Video tracking was sub optimal (i.e. more than 5% of data missing) for 2 HOM mice.

There were no differences in any of the 20 key spontaneous behavior parameters. There were 2 marginally significant differences in the remaining 95 parameters.

Cognitive tests in the PhenoTyper

Avoidance learning (shelter task)
The PhenoTyper is equipped with a shelter compartment, with two entrances, in which mice typically spend 80% of their time (resting/sleeping). During the first 4 days, mice develop a preference to enter the shelter through one of the two entrances. The preference index is calculated by : [(number of entries through the preferred entrance) - (number of entries through
non-preferred entrance)]/(total number of entries).
Avoidance learning is studied by automatically applying a mild aversive stimulus (shelter illumination with bright light) during days 5 and 6 each time mice entered the shelter using their preferred entrance, but not when using the other entrance. A reduction in the preference index indicates that a mouse is establishing a specific association between its preferred entrance and the aversive stimulus. During day 7 sanctioning (i.e. shelter illumination) is discontinued, and the stability of the change in preference can be determined.
Avoidance learning is best studied during the Dark phase when shelter illumination is a stronger stimulus than during the light phase. For a detailed explanation see Maroteaux et al. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22846151)

Clear learning in both genotypes, no difference between genotypes.

Appetitive conditioning (pellet task)
Not performed

Anxiety test (Lightspot avoidance test)
Clear avoidance in both genotypes, no difference between genotypes.

Conventional tests

Not performed


A relatively large group of mice was tested, no behavioral differences were observed in the PhenoTyper. No conventional behavioral tests were scheduled.

Mouse info:
Mouse ID Strain Coat color Genotype Ear tag Internal ID Sex Date of Birth Sub experiment 1 Sub experiment 2 Sub experiment 3
PH08587 MroH1 black hom R 5887 male 16-11-2013
PH08588 MroH1 black WT L 5888 male 16-11-2013
PH08589 MroH1 black WT RL 5889 male 16-11-2013
PH08590 MroH1 black hom R 5896 male 14-11-2013
PH08591 MroH1 black hom L 5902 male 14-11-2013
PH08592 MroH1 black hom RR 5904 male 14-11-2013
PH08593 MroH1 black WT R 5912 male 14-11-2013
PH08594 MroH1 black WT R 5921 male 14-11-2013
PH08595 MroH1 black hom R 5928 male 14-11-2013
PH08596 MroH1 black WT L 5929 male 14-11-2013
PH08597 MroH1 black hom RR 5931 male 14-11-2013
PH08598 MroH1 black hom R 5941 male 14-11-2013
PH08599 MroH1 black hom RL 5943 male 14-11-2013
PH08600 MroH1 black WT LL 5945 male 14-11-2013
PH08601 MroH1 black hom R 5946 male 14-11-2013
PH08602 MroH1 black hom L 5947 male 14-11-2013
PH08603 MroH1 black WT RL 5948 male 14-11-2013
PH08604 MroH1 black hom RR 5949 male 14-11-2013
PH08605 MroH1 black hom RR 5963 male 14-11-2013
PH08606 MroH1 black WT RRL 5965 male 14-11-2013
PH08607 MroH1 black WT L 5967 male 14-11-2013
PH08608 MroH1 black hom RL 5973 male 14-11-2013
PH08609 MroH1 black WT RR 5974 male 14-11-2013
PH08610 MroH1 black WT R 5982 male 15-11-2013
PH08611 MroH1 black WT L 5983 male 15-11-2013
PH08612 MroH1 black hom RR 5985 male 15-11-2013
PH08613 MroH1 black WT R 5991 male 14-11-2013
PH08614 MroH1 black hom RL 5993 male 14-11-2013
PH08615 MroH1 black WT RR 5994 male 14-11-2013
PH08616 MroH1 black WT R 5999 male 14-11-2013
PH08617 MroH1 black hom L 6000 male 14-11-2013
PH08618 MroH1 black WT RL 6001 male 14-11-2013
PH08619 MroH1 black WT L 6024 male 14-11-2013
PH08620 MroH1 black WT RL 6025 male 14-11-2013
PH08621 MroH1 black hom RR 6026 male 14-11-2013
PH08622 MroH1 black hom RL 6032 male 14-11-2013