Novel Home Cage Induced Hypophagia

LSID: http://syli.cz/urn:lsid:public.sylics.com:conventionaltest:385A-2B2A-GDE6

Materials and Methods
Mice were singly housed on sawdust in standard Makrolon type II cages enriched with cardboard nesting material for at least one week prior to experiments, with water and food ad libitum (7:00/19:00 lights on/off; providing an abrupt phase transition).

Associated Mammalian Phenotype Ontologies (MGI)
- MP:0011940 decreased food intake

Novel cage induced hypophagia
On three days prior to the testing day, mice were familiarized to a highly palatable snack (a few crumbs of cream cracker) placed into a familiar metal food cup in the home. On the testing day novelty induced hypophagia was assessed by transferring mice to a novel clean cage with fresh bedding containing the metal cup with the familiar snack. The latency to start eating the snack was recorded manually. If a subject did not eat within 600 s, the maximum time was assigned.

Parameter information
Parameter nameUnits
*Latency to eat the crackerSeconds